Bayern beats Barca ??

I heard this morning that bayern munich beat Barcelona 4-0?
I read the message twice. I didn’t believe it at all.
All people are going mad over it but does one defeat really mean Barcelona is over? Messi is no longer a good player? :)
I don’t think so. You never know what happens in the return leg.
May be a miracle is awaiting everyone. We all know Barcelona is capable. Xavi has admitted It’s next to impossible but still hope is there.
My concern still remains the same will Arsenal finish third in EPL?
With Arsenal I remember, it was the same bayern team which was beaten by Arsenal 2-0 few weeks back.
I am sounding like a typical arsenal fan now. Lolz.

Can Arsenal come third in premier league 2013?

Arsenal started this season poorly but now as we come towards the close of the season, Arsenal suddenly has picked up form with all players delivering just at the right time.

Now lets discuss whether Arsenal can come third with Spurs and Chelsea breathing down their neck :)

The most important thing to note here is there is chelsea vs spurs match still left.

So there are three possibilities :- 1) Spurs drop points 2) Chelsea drop points 3) even better, its a draw, both lose points ;)

With Manchester neighbours taking the first two positions, there are still two which are still up for grabs! Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea fight it out!

Now the biggest problem for Arsenal is the Man U match coming up and with Sir Alex going for maximum points ever in BPL, Arsenal will have a tough time. If they lose, its problem, big big problem but If Arsenal Wins this(yes they can please), Arsenal finish top 4 for sure else they will have to wait for someone to make a mistake

Lets see how things unfold!